ARNA - where art meets nature

ARNA is a nonprofit organzation in Sweden. We promote a sustainable development in the The Avian Kingdom with the vision that it one day will be the world's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to include the cultural dimension of sustainability.

In the center of our work we place our artist in residence, a hub for artists from around the world to explore and express human's relationships towards nature and to unfold culture's role in a sustainable development.

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Blog for the project See - this is where I live

We thank the following organizations for their support

Region Skåne
support ARNA's development as a eco-oriented residency.
support a big try out for how the Culture dimension of sustainability can be used as a tool  in a UNESCO biosphere. This project involve many cooperations, both locally and internationally, as Hammarlunda mölla föreningen and with Université Laval in Canada.
The Swedish Institute
support an exchange of experiences between culture organizations around The Baltic Sea who support a sustainable development in connection to 'place'.
The bankfoundation Färs & Frosta Sparbank support the music residency 'Midsummer Music 2016'.
The bankfoundation Sparbanksstiftelsen Öresund support the windmill project.

We also thank for all wonderful support ARNA get, from individuals, non profit organization and municipalities in The Avian Kingdom.

Member of Resartis
world wide network
of artist residencies