Artists about ARNA

Residents about their stays at ARNA

Lindsey Horne
The experience at ARNA continues to grow even as time passes. It was one of the most lovely and productive times I've had in my life, and I am truly so very grateful for you having offered this to me. I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful little town than Harlosa to create in- and couldn't have asked for more kindness from the community.

Wesley Berg
The Avian Kingdom seems to me, a place which simply must inspire artists. I immediately felt a connection to the landscape and a need to create and contribute my own responses.

Laura Aish
I spend a lot of my time at home in cityscapes and often feel dislocated from nature - but ARNA gives the chance to reconnect with these natural landscapes. My work has been influenced greatly by the different aspects of the theme ‘tree sky stone stream’ and from being in The Avian Kingdom, as nature is so uniquely present here. The wildlife and natural beauty are central to the experience of staying in Harlosa and have consistently framed the development of my work. It has been an exciting and special opportunity to connect my work with the natural environment and to learn more about it.

Peter Dalmazzo,
environmental scientist and arts worker, Australia
To have observed nature through the eyes of artistic Swedes, as well as comrades-in-residence from the US and UK, has been a liberating experience as I normally spend so much time ensuring that descriptions of nature are factually correct in every detail. I have ‘impressions’ that describe the essence of nature here in a much more lasting way than a dry old treatise describing every vein of every leaf of every plant in the forest.