Midsummer Music 2017

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"Midsummer Music 2017" welcomes applications from musicians and composers to be inspired by Sweden's famous long summer nights and mythic Midsummer celebration. The residency includes a 'work in progress concert' in the the windmill of Hammarlunda in the end of stay.

Midsummer Music 2017 includes an Accommodation Grant for 3 weeks.
Residents have though to cover travel- and living expenses in connection to the stay themself.

Last date for application 15th of March

Dates of arrival: 14th or 15th of June
Dates of departure: 3rd or 4h of July

The composer Lindsey Horne describes her stay at ARNA 2016: "The experience at ARNA continues to grow even as time passes. It was one of the most lovely and productive times I've had in my life, and I am truly so very grateful. I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful little town than Harlosa to create in and couldn't have asked for more kindness from the community."

"Midsummer Music 2017" offer
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Link to application

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