Broken Kilometer

Land Art on the Swedish army's training field Revingehed, created in cooperation with the environmental project Sandlife

Kevin Benham, professor at Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture in Louisiana, USA, was one of ARNA's residents 2017. Kevin's interest in biology was the starting point of what became an cooperation between ARNA, Kevin and the Sandlife, a project to restore habitats for endangered sandliving animal and plants.

The earthwork Kevin gave form too within Sandlife is named Broken Kilometer. It has the width of a Swedish tank and a total of a kilometer in length and it acts simultaneously as a piece of art and a catalyst for increased biodiversity. The piece is temporal and will continue to dissipate over time as the exposed soil becomes occupied with fresh herbaceous material.

Broken Kilometer is situated on the Swedish army's training field Revingehed involving ARNA, artist Kevin Benham , the County Administry Board and The Swedish Fortifications Agency.

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