Landscape of Science and Music

The ARNA-project Landscape of Science and Music offer students within Music and Landscape Architecture to explore the intercept between art and science to be expressed through cross border collaborations.

The natural science background to the project is the pollen analysis from Lake Vombsjön and the Brunnshög area that the Palaeoecologist Anna Broström is specialist in. From the analysis Anna can follow the changes in the landscape during more than 10.000 years, an intriguing science that now inspires Musician and Composer Mats Edén to create contemporary music.

Through a workshop, for up to 12 participants, get the opportunity to learn more about both Anna’s field of expertise and how it inspires Mats to artistic expressions. The aim for the workshop is to initiate new collaborations between landscape architecture and music and to give tools how to create artistic presentations in the intercept between art and science. The results will be presented to the public as “Work in Progress Presentations” at Science Village Scandinavia’s visitor center during Lund’s Kulturnatt 19th of September and through a short video.

The open call

The project welcomes 12 participants (maximum), either studying at the Music Academy in Malmö or Landscape Architecture at Alnarp.

Participation is without any costs but in return you commit yourself to take part in the “Work in Progress Presentations” the 19th of September.

Updated plan for workshop, due to Corona

Participants visit Vombsjösänkan on their own, a guideline for good spots to visit will be presented.

Online workshop
Thursday 11th of June, 13.00-15.30

Meeting, in real life or online (depending on what will be possible) Friday 21st of August, 9.30-12.30

Leading the workshop are Palaeoecologist Anna Broström, Musician/Composer Mats Edén and Artist Kerstin Jakobsson.

Last date of application: 11th of May.

List of chosen participants will be published 18th of May the latest.

Applications is as simple as an email. Write your name, where you study and a few words about why you would like to participate. Send the email application to

The ARNA-project Landscape of Science and Music is supported by Science Village Scandinavia