Art for new thinking


The association ARNA works through the culture dimension of sustainability in Vombsjösänkan in the south of Sweden. Our vision is to contribute to innovation in sustainable development by creating bridges between generations' of experiences, science of today and people's visions for the future.



ARNA is currently developing the following projects:

Landskapet som gestaltad livsmiljö

Dinner for Future

Ung SciShop (with its own website)

The three projects are presented in the videos below. During the summer and autumn of 2021, ARNA has produced eight videos. Watch them and all our other videos on ARNA's youtube channel. Welcome to subscribe!

Events 2021

September - Biosfärfestivalen in Vombsjösänkan

ARNA participated in the Biosphere Festival with a number of cultural activities with the aim to create platforms for conversations about the connections to the home area of Vombsjösänkan, its nature, heritage and sustainable development.
Skaparverkstad och musikteaterföreställningen Väx Upp! - Workshop and musical theater for families
Mångfaldens mönster  - Take part in creating a wall painting of the connections in nature and talk to researchers and biologists.
Skuggbåge - Walk and talk about the importance of trees in cities and parks.
Landmärken, farleder & smultronställen - Film premiere and conversations about how humans formed the landscape and small villages along the river Kävlingeån.

August - Houses in Skåne

In August, ARNA arranged a walk & talk about the importance of cultural heritage for our image of what constitutes a good living environment in the countryside in Skåne.