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ARNA, Art and Nature, is an association that explores the relationship between nature and man through art. 

Our base in the world is the future UNESCO biosphere Storkriket in Skåne, and here we work for innovation in a sustainable future.

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Earlier events and news

During the Sustainability Week in Lund in April 2024, Ung SciShop held a presentation in the biosphere candidacy Great Britain's seminar "Tinder for cultural cooperation in Great Britain - How culture and place development can be used to create a sustainable society."

The Ung SciShop project arranged the art workshop "Share your care for nature" during Sustainability Week in Lund in April 2024.

In January 2024, ARNA participated in the start-up of the collaborative initiative Biosphere culture about culture as a site developer in the Storkriket together with the biosphere candidacy and the leisure administrations in Lund, Eslöv and Sjöbo municipalities. Read more on Storkrikets hemsida

ARNA participates in the Swedish reference group for the EU project LOESS, which aims to increase the public's interest and knowledge about soil health by developing and testing innovative teaching aids on the subject for school pupils, students and the general public.

Ung SciShop arranged a public activity in September 2023 during the Biosphere Festival.

6 September 2023 Kerstin Jakobsson told about ARNA and Storkriket for students at LUCSUS, Lund University.

in June 2023 biosphere candidacy Storkriket and Kerstin Jakobsson will hold a workshop on culture in sustainable site development for ARNA.

During Sustainability Week in April 2023, Kerstin Jakobsson represent ARNA in a panel at Lund University's breakfast seminar on existential sustainability.

ARNA participates as an external partner to the collaboration initiative ERiCi at Lund University on existential sustainability 2023-2025.

During the Easter break in 2023, it is MAFF's turn in Estonia to invite Swedish and Latvian young people to photo and film camps in Lihula.

At the end of January 2023, ARNA led a photo and film workshops in the Sjöbo area for young people from Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

ARNA traveled to Matsalu Nature Film Festival for partner meeting in the mini-MAFF project September 2022.

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November 2022. ARNA join The European Pavilion event i Rome with Dinner for Future.

September 2022. Three ARNA projects participate in the Biosphere Festival 10-18 of September with 23 exciting program points
Dinner for Future
Ung SciShop
Växande historia 

During the spring of 2022, Dinner for Future arranged 'future talks for all senses' and a scenario planning about the food of the future in Vombsjösänkan.


Article at Lund University on the development of a culture-oriented Unesco biosphere reserve in Vombsjösänkan

Article at LUCSUS at Lund University about the project Young SciShop