Land Art Live

The art project Land Art Live addresses our relationship with water in the era of climate change. The project is developed in Storkriket, an area which works for sustainable development within Unesco's program for biosphere areas and where Lake Vombsjön is an important source of drinking water for southwestern Skåne. 

In Land art, temporary works of art in natural materials are created at site in the landscape. Land Art Live this takes place on the shores of Vombsjön during August and September 2024. Follow the development of the program which will include workshops, artists' work processes and bus tours!

Water - a question of the future

At the center of climate change are water issues. Despite both drought and floods no later than the summer of 2023 and floods in the winter of 2024, we who live in Skåne are still spared from water disasters on the scale that Southern Europe and other parts of the world are increasingly affected by. The only thing we know for sure is that even in Sweden, fresh water will become an increasingly important resource and that the costs of dealing with droughts and floods will increase in the future. So how do we relate to water, this life-giver, destroyer and the origin of everything? Welcome to take part in live art processes where five artists/artist groups put water at the center.

Artists invited to Land Art Live

Anastasia Savinova

Anastasia Savinova's work revolves around places, ecologies and relationships with the "more-than-human-world". Savinova works mainly with sculptural installations that often incorporate found objects, but also in other formats such as audio, video, drawing and performance.

In recent years, Savinova has recurring 
worked with the project We Swim in One Water which focuses on connectedness through water with biological, geographical, historical, metaphorical and spiritual levels. By weaving together natural and industrial materials, she takes up the beauty and sublimity of the world, intimate connections between organisms and the fragility of ecosystems in the time of mass extinction.

Markus Vallien

Markus Vallien lives his philosophy. He crafts and uses nature a myriad of conceivable and unimaginable ways to find ways to explore the relationship between what is made by human hands and the rest. It is also the meeting that provides the conditions for his life in the outdoors and teaching survival arts at Konstfack.

Markus about the piece Intagen, created for VIDA museum & art gallery in 2017: "We say we live in the forest in Småland, but what is a forest? The forest that it once was before we came here no longer exists. The forest is taken in, tamed, tied up, bundled up, cowed and dreaming out through the institution's walls."

MASU / Mattias Gunnarsson and Susanne Westerberg

MASU is a collaborative art platform run by Mattias Gunnarsson and Susanne Westerberg since 2012. They come from a drawing practice, but in recent years have put a clearer focus on spatial installations in wood, mainly outdoors. For MASU, land art is a collaboration, a dialogue with the room, its inhabitants and visitors.

(Material) location recordings is a nomadic installation that started in 2018. It is currently located in Skeneskogen, Marks municipality. The work is moved both outside and inside. In the movements, the form is transformed and adapted to the places, while the material collects information.

Roger Rigorth

I like a natural life and simple and clear artistic statements. With a background in sculpture, I have continued my journey as an artist to work in and with the landscape. I work with traditional craftsmanship incorporated into a contemporary artistic language and balance philosophy and physical work in a spiritual way with a artistic result.

In the Quinta do Pisao nature reserve in Cascais/Portugal, I created the two objects One seed makes a forest, which are about the natural ability to rejuvenate. Woodwork, steelwork and weaving was mixed together into a pair of giant capsules with the help of locals where aggressive chainsaw work and meditative weaving was balanced in a visionary body creation.

Tomas Auran

In my artistic work, I take my departure from material-based craft traditions and see making as an essential part of my practice. Thematically, I am interested in interpersonal power, social and economic hierarchies and the physical legacies these conditions create.

About the work A QUIET SCULPTURE (2021): In the forest some distance away, below the moraine ridge lies a log balancing. Not so long ago, the forest was arable land and pasture. Traces of work can be found everywhere in the form of collapsed stone walls and stone piles. Someone has toiled and dragged there. The log has a counterweight, a large stone. The weight of the counterweight weathers away very slowly, while the poor log loses its weight quickly in the heat of summer and soon lies in the ground rotting. The work was of little use and little pleasure, and the time was fleeting.

Biosphere candidacy Storkriket - with culture as a support process for sustainable development

The ARNA project Land Art Live is being developed in Storkriket, which is a candidate to become a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Through collaboration and local engagement, Biosphere Reserves are testing and demonstrating new strategies, ideas and actions for a more sustainable future. Today there are over 700 biosphere reserves in the world. Storkriket aims to be Sweden's eighth biosphere reserve in 2025 and has designated culture as a support process in the development.