Land Art Live

Land Art Live is an art project that addresses questions about water as a resource in the age of climate change. The project works in the future UNESCO biosphere reserve Storkriket, where Lake Vombsjön is a large source of drinking water for southwestern Scania and where flooding along the Kävlingeån during the winters has become an increasing problem. The project leads to cultural events during the late summer and during the Biosphere Festival in Storkriket, which will take place from 7 - 15 September 2024. Follow the development of Land Art Live on ARNA's social media!

Konstnär Tom Pihl i ARNA-projektet Landskapet som gestaltad livsmiljö. Foto: Nille Leander

Temporary art in the landscape

Land art is an art form where you create the landscape with natural materials. In the ARNA project Land Art Live, five professional artists are invited to portray their interpretations of water issues through land art. In the final days, the work will take place live in front of an audience during the Biosphere Festival in early September 2024. Maybe it will be together with the audience participating out in the water? Land Art Live will also offer children and adults workshops, walk-n-talks and "art and facts bus tours".

Background to the choice of water as a theme

Drinking water, bathing water and fishing water. Water can be a matter of course in the kitchen tap or in the form of a bottled luxury item. It may come to us as long-awaited raindrops or in overflowing masses. Water is both a resource, a pain and a pleasure, but always critically essential to life. With climate change, both the challenges and costs of managing water are growing.
It is already affecting us today, both as individuals and as society, and we cannot escape. So how do we relate to this vital resource for the future and who owns the water issues?

Art project in Storkriket for sustainable development

The ARNA project Land Art Live is being developed in Storkriket, an area in Scania that is a candidate to become a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Through collaboration and local involvement, biosphere's test and demonstrate new strategies, ideas and measures. In this way, biosphere reserves generate knowledge, experience and innovations for a more sustainable future. It is the UN body for culture, science and education, Unesco, which for more than 50 years has designated biosphere areas worldwide. Today there are over 700 biosphere reserves in the world, seven of which are in Sweden. Storkriket aims to be named Sweden's eighth biosphere reserve in 2025 and has designated culture as a support process in the development work.

  • Flooding in the river Kävlingeån during the winter of 2024
    Flooding in the river Kävlingeån during the winter of 2024
  • Early summer drought in Kävlingeån
    Early summer drought in Kävlingeån
  • Beach by Vombsjön
    Beach by Vombsjön
  • Nature preserve for birds by the river of Klingavälsån
    Nature preserve for birds by the river of Klingavälsån
  • Flooding during the winder of 2024
    Flooding during the winder of 2024
  • Kävlingeån, winter 2024
    Kävlingeån, winter 2024