The nature preserve Övedskloster by lake Vombsjön

Between lake Vombsjön and the rokoko castle Övedskloster, a new nature preserve was inaugurated 2023 by Länsstyrelsen Skåne. The area has many visitors. All year around people take walks in the historic settings and during the summers families are attracted to the long beach and the shallow water of the lake.

We are proud that ARNA has been trusted to develop a land art project in the nature reserve with the aim of arousing interest in water as a vital resource.

Vombsjön and the nature preserve Övedskloster on the map

Vombsjön is situated in the center of the biosphere candidature Storkriket, in the most southern region of Sweden called Skåne.

Let us present a couple of places by the lake

The creek

The first place you meet is a small stream next to the parking lot and floats out into Lake Vombsjön

The barbecue area

Just before the beach there is a barbecue area with old and strangely formed oak trees. 

The beach

The beach is around 250 meter long and then continues with smaller strips with trees. Depending on how much water there is in the lake, the width of the beach strip varies quite a lot during the year- In september it is usually by the lowest.  The lake is very shallow and 50 meters into the water it can still only be about 60-70 cm deep.

The pine grove

After the beach comes a pine grove often used as a picnic area and then the nature reserve continues in a mixed forest with many old oaks.

The surroundings

The nature preserve is part of the castle environments of Övedskloster, one of Sweden's most significant castles from the 18th century. The castle and its agricultural buildings are only about 400 meters from the beach. In the surroundings of the castle, there is a park open to the public, a plant shop and a café that is open during the summers. There are several walking trails around Övedskloster. One of these follows Vombsjön a bit of Vombsjön's shore where a train line passed in the early 20th century.


The Ramel family has owned Övedskloster since 1753. In total, the farm has 16 full-time employees distributed among the business areas crop cultivation, forestry, beef production, hunting, real estate and visitor destinations. This is how they describe the business today.

"Our family has been farming and living in this place for ten generations. We continuously develop our business so that we can continue to deliver raw materials of the highest quality, in an efficient manner with as little negative environmental impact as possible. We plan very long-term and strive to overview the consequences of all major decisions for many generations to come."

Stenstallet - a place to stay

In Övedskloster's farm environment there is a hostel for horse lovers, only 400 meters from the lake.  Stenstallet's kitchen, living space, three toilets and two showers are shared. There is also a washing machine. Land Art Live has rented Stenstallet's five rooms for the participating artists.

About Länsstyrelsen Skåne and regulations for Övedskloster's nature preserve

The dog must be on a leash
It is only permitted to use built-in fire places for barbecue
It is not permitted to remove dead wood, break branches or damage live or dead trees and bushes
It is only permitted to cycle on roads or embankments
It is not allowed to camp
It is not permitted to use music or sound equipment in a disruptive manner
It is not permitted to file, drill, paint or damage the ground, stone or natural objects
Throw rubbish in the bin or take it home if it is full

Regulations for the nature preserve

The nature preserve has rules to protect the plant and animal life based on the five words "don't disturb and don't destroy".

The Swedish government and the parliament are the commissioners for Sweden's county administrative boards, and an important part of their work is to preserve natural and cultural values.

Skåne County Council take care of about 370 nature preserves in Skåne and Övedskloster is one of the latest to be inaugurated in 2023.

A warm thank you!