In 2022-23, ARNA participates in the Erasmus project miniMAFF. During the project period young people aged 13–18 and their leaders or teachers, get the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and thoughts on issues that affect the nature around us and climate change. The project works with different cultural expressions such as photography, film, country art and short texts.

ARNA participants in miniMAFF went to Matsalu Nature Film Festival September 21-24

Three young people from Vombsjösänkan were invitet together with two cultural workers from ARNA to the Matsalu Nature Film Festival in Estonia on September 21-24, 2022 were we enjoyed film screenings and met partner organisations from Estonia and Latvia. 

About the Erasmusprojektet miniMAFF

The leader of the miniMAFF project is the non-profit association that runs the Matsalu Nature Film Festival - MAFF in Estonia. The MAFF festival is internationally prominent and is held every year at the end of September in the small community of Lihula. In addition to ARNA in Sweden, MAFF's partners are the municipal cultural schools in Jekabpils in Latvia and Lihula in Estonia. During the project period, there are three trips for meetings. In September 2022 to the Matsalu Nature Film Festival in Estonia, in January 2023 to Storkriket in Skåne and in April 2023 to a camp in Lihula in Estonia.