ARNA - goals and vision

The association ARNA works through the cultural dimension for sustainability in the Vombsjsö depression, which is a candidate for becoming a new Unesco biosphere reserve.

The goal of ARNA's work is to explore the gaps in the Vombsjö Basin, between the area's history and future, and to support sustainable development by developing projects and activities that highlight new ideas and build bridges between citizens, organizations and the public sector.

Our vision is for Vombsjösänkan's biosphere reserve to become an international model area for how the cultural dimension for sustainability contributes to new thinking and innovation in the work for a sustainable future.

The story of ARNA

In 2009, a project was initiated in a small village in south of Sweden to support sustainable development ​​through culture in an area with high natural values. In 2011, the project led to the start of one of Sweden's first international artists in residence. In the same year, the non-profit association ARNA (art & nature) was also formed. With the goal of making a real impression in the area's sustainable development, the local anchoring has been important for our association. Thus, it has also been a matter of course that ARNA has become involved in the development of a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Vombsänkan, an area that affects the three municipalities of Lund, Eslöv and Sjöbo. 
Our vision for the biosphere reserve is that it will be the first in the world to profile itself through the cultural dimension of sustainability. One step along the way is that the biosphere candidacy has chosen the cultural dimension as one of its focus areas. 
ARNA's target groups are residents of Vombsänkan with a focus on children and young people and international artist with an interest in nature and sustainable development. 
Over the years, ARNA has run a wide range of residences, projects and cultural activities. We document the experiences from these in text and videos. With great non-profit involvement over the years and through support from many different organizations, ARNA has built up a unique competence within the cultural dimension for sustainability.

A warm thank you to all the organizations that have contributed to ARNA's projects and activities since 2011

Allmänna arvsfonden
Eslövs kommun
European Culture Foundation
Leader Lundaland
Lunds kommun

Region Skåne

Svenska institutet
Science Village Scandinavia
Sjöbo kommun

Sparbanksstiftelsen Färs & Frosta
Sparbanksstiftelsen Öresund