Landskapet som gestaltad livsmiljö

The ARNA project The landscape as a designed living environment invites
the public to talks about sustainable development in the suburbs
landscapes before and during The Biosphere Festival in Vombsjösänkan in September 2021. Read more about the biosphere process and the Biosphere Festival.

Near-town landscapes in Vombsjösänkan
The project works in Vombsjösänkan, which is running to become Sweden's eighth UNESCO biosphere reserve. Biosphere reserves are collaborative arenas that strive to be at the forefront of sustainable development and implementation of Agenda 2030. In urban areas, the contrasts between rapid development work and people's long history in one place become extra clear. Therefore, the biosphere process and the landscape in Vombsjösänkan provide an interesting platform for conversations about the complex connections in sustainable development and how we can better combine knowledge with creativity to create new, innovative solutions.

Project development in a broad collaboration
In the project, ARNA invites designers and artists to create three examples as a basis for discussions during activities about how development in rural areas takes place in an interaction with our history and nature around us. In connection to the activities a large number of representatives from other areas of competence will participate.

Upcoming activity
A workshop on designed living environments in urban areas is planned together with the City Building Administration in Sjöbo municipality.

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Participants and collaborations

Artists and designers
Anna Berg and Maj Persson, Christina Schultz and Johan Lindberg, Tom Pihl and Moorland Production. Project leader: Kerstin Jakobsson, ARNA.

A warm thank you to:
Form Design Center - node for designed living environment, Lund municipality via the Brunnshög project and Sustainable Growth, Eslöv municipality via the culture and leisure administration, Sjöbo municipality via the Strategy Unit, Lund University via the Department of Biology and CEC, Sven Malmborgs Nostalgimacken and the Biosphere Festival.

The three examples participating designers and artists developed and the activities during the Biosphere Festival

Sunday 12 September

A day for nature curious people of all ages during the Biosphere Festival.

The pattern of diversity 

Walk between stations outdoors at the research station Stensoffa. Conversation with researchers at the Department of Biology at Lund University about the connections in nature. Participate in creating the artwork The Pattern of Diversity on the wall of the research station together with the designers and biologists Anna Berg and Maj Persson. Participating researchers: Professor Jan-Åke Nilsson, Professor Staffan Bensch, doctoral student Johan K. Jensen, Dr. Patrik Karell and Dr. Rachel Muheim.

Friday 17 september 
Art for discussions during the Biosphere Festival

Shadow arch - about trees in urban environments

A Walk and Talk in collaboration with Lund Municipality about the importance of trees in urban environments at the inauguration of the work Skuggbåge created by Kristina Schultz and Johan Lindberg for the Nobel Park at Brunnshög in Lund. Participating in the conversation are Nina Lindegaard who is a landscape architect on the Brunnshög project, Allan Gunnarsson, senior lecturer at SLU Alnarp who researched in garden, park and cultural landscape history and Ylva van Meeningen who researched what trees communicate with each other and with us humans through volatile

Saturday 18 september 

Film premiere and discussions during the Biosphere Festival

Landmarks, waterways, & strawberry places

Artist Tom Pihl invites to talks at the premiere of the short film Landmärken, Farleder & Smultronställen. An artistic consideration of the designed living environment between Gårdstånga and Hammarlunda. In the main roles: The Railway, the River, the Country Road and Man. Past, Present, Future.

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