Green Heritage Story

Green heritage story is a residency project that invite two international artists to interpret the  biological cultural heritage in connection to Kulturens Östarp, a cultural reserve in Vombsjösänkan in the south of Sweden. The residency is part of ARNA's art project Växande historia in which a total of 8-10 art happenings are developed to meet the public during the outdoor Biosphere festival in Vombsjösänkan 10-18 September 2022. Last date of application to Green Heritage Story is 15th of May.

Invitation to artists to apply for participation in the residency Green Heritage Story

The announcement in brief

ARNA welcomes applications from artists within all disciplines to develop a personal interpretation on the theme The Green Heritage Story in connection to the outdoor heritage museum Kulturens Östarp to meet the public in mid-September.

Duration of residency: Four weeks between Saturday 20 August - Saturday 17 September.

The residency project offer two (three) participating artists: Return tickets for travels to ARNA in Sweden. Free accommodation. Daily allowance 220 SEK/day. 4000 SEK in support to material costs.

The last day to apply is Sunday 15 May.
Notice to applicants will be emailed on Thursday 19 May.

Information on how to apply can be found at the bottom of this page

About the ARNA project

Green Heritage Story is part of the ARNA-project Växande historia. The aim is for professional artists, active in visual art, sculpture, design, music or performance, to create new kinds of stories about the biological cultural heritage in Vombsjösänkan. The project's goal is to produce art happenings/ art activities that meet the public during the Biospere Festival i mid-September 2022.

The individual art events/art activities can be intimate in format. From ARNA’s perspective we look forward to see both astonishing examples of biological cultural heritage and down-to-earth visions for a sustainable future. We are more looking for activities that involve the visitors in some way than a silent exhibition.

More information

Photo by Kerstin Engblom Clavijo

About - the biological cultural heritage

Biological cultural heritage tells a story with man as an actor, it is our green heritage history. Since the story is conveyed by something living, it is in the nature of things that a biological cultural heritage is in constant change - it can be short-lived but it can also survive for centuries, perhaps for millennia. 

The Swedish National Heritage Board describes the biological cultural heritage as a living archive that carries stories about man's way of using nature and that connects history and biology, man and nature.

Old trees is one example of biological cultural heritage. Trees have always been important in the traditional livelihood. Wild trees have been pruned and felled to provide timber, firewood and fodder. People have always also liked to plant trees in their vicinity. It could be fruit trees but also for reasons other than the purely practical ones: from individual care trees in the courtyard to extensive parks and avenues.

For preservation of both natural and cultural heritage we need more interpretations to visualize our human history as an interaction with nature.
Link to scientific article about biological cultural heritage

Photo: Kulturen i Lund

About - Kulturens Östarp

Kulturens Östarp is a unique open-air museum and one of two cultural reserves in the region of Skåne. It is located in a rolling and scenic landscape in the southwestern parts of the Vomb Basin. Kulturens Östarp is part of the older village Östarp which has been known since 1530. Around Kulturen's Östarp are older farm environments and a small broken agricultural landscape with small fields, meadows, fences and grazing cows that are reminiscent of old-time farming. Unusual meadow flowers and wild bees mingle here with old landraces of many animal species. The area is owned and managed since 1924 by the museum Kulturen i Lund.

About - Vombsjösänkan is on the go to become Sweden's eighth UNESCO biosphere reserve

Rich natural and cultural values form the basis for the collaboration between three municipalities to develop a Unesco biosphere reserve in Vombsjösänkan. Biosphere reserves are model areas for sustainable develpment through testing new ideas and creating cross-sectoral collaborations. ARNA's vision for Vombsjösänkan is for it to become an international model area for how the cultural dimension of sustainability contributes to new thinking and innovation for a sustainable future. Read more about the biosphere development on its website. Click on "translate" in the lower right corner for English.

How to apply

Before applying - read the information package

Photo: Kulturen i Lund by Pär Connelid

Send your application as an email to:

In the email we want to see the following information:

1) Contact information: (name, address and telephone). Are you applying with someone? Who?
2) Your artistic work area.
3) Briefly describe in what way a participation in the Green Heritage story interests you?
4) A link to your website OR attach a CV (A4 page) and three pictures.

The last day to apply is Sunday 15 May. Notice to applicants will be emailed on Thursday 19 May.
We look forward to your email!

A warm thank you to the following organizations!

Kulturreservatet Kulturens Östarp