The landscape as a Designed living environment

The association ARNA works in Vombsjösänkan through the cultural dimension of sustainability. We build cross-sectoral collaborations to explore new ways for culture to strengthen sustainable development. The purpose of the project The landscape as a designed living environment has been to create discussions about the new policy area Designed living environment in the borderland between urban and rural areas. The starting point we have taken is that development takes place in a movement through time in an interaction with history and surrounding natural resources and that we humans are affected by, and affect, the places where we live and work.

Concluding film about the project The landscape as a designed living environment

The project invited to discussions about how we humans affect, and are affected by, our surroundings

As co-creators in the project we invited five designers and artists.Their task was to create three examples of the interaction between man and environment in suburban landscapes; in the encounter with the cultural heritage, the trees and the wildlife. These interpretations were formed into activities that put the good conversation at the center of public activities during Vombsjösänkan's Biosphere Festival in September 2021. Three short films Below (in Swedish) invited the public to participate in the activities. 

Concluding workshop about Designed living environment in urban countryside

The project ended in March 2022 with a workshop in collaboration with the Strategy Unit in Sjöbo municipality. The workshop discussed how and in which places the competencies within Designed living environment can contribute to the development of sustainable living environments in the important borderland between urban planning and rural development.

More information about Designed living environment

The introductory film for the ARNA-project Landscape as a designed living environment.

The landscape as a designed living environment

Project manager: Kerstin Jakobsson
Film och photo: Nille Leander

Thank you for your participation!

Anna Berg och Maj Persson 

Kristina Schultz och Johan Lindberg

Tom Pihl

Thorkel Ingers, Axel Pihl och Edvin Lysgaard

Form Design Center i Malmö - nationell nod för gestaltad livsmiljö

Lunds universitet via Biologiska institutionen, Kalk GALLERY och Brunnshögsprojektet i Lunds kommun

Sven Malmborg for help with a veteran tractor

Thanks for the good cooperation!

The organizers of the Biosphere Festival: Projektet Tillsammans för biosfärområde Vombsjösänkan och Kandidaturprojektet för biosfärområde Vombsjösänkan

Thank you for the cooperation and financial support that made the project possible!
Region Skånes kulturnämnd
Lunds kommun via Hållbar Tillväxt och Tekniska förvaltningen
Eslövs kommun via kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen
Sjöbo kommun via Strategienheten