2013 / Swedish Army Loves Flowers

Swedish Army Loves Flowers” was a theme residency, focusing on unexpected cooperations for preserving nature. As we know it, it is the worlds first art project within a national army training field for tanks.

Preserving nature needs cooperation
The residency ARNA is situated in an area with a unique combination. It is one of Swedens best bird areas and a nature preserve of international interest, protected by our government through Swedish Army under the European programme of Natura 2000. Revingehed is used as a training field for Swedish army's tanks and is grazed by 1300 cows. In this unique nature, where the tanks tracks over the field helps rare flowers to avoid extinction, we created an art project, together with people working with nature
preserve's at the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

"Swedish Army Loves Flowers" - part of a EU-project
The theme residency "Swedish Army Loves Flowers" was created by ARNA as part of a rural development project run by Leader Lundaland, called "Land & Environment". The project was developed in cooperation with the County Administrative Board of Skåne as part of their information around action plans for endangered species.

Participants in Swedish Army Loves Flowers Arpi Agdere, Monica Zaghi, Nunzio Paci, Nicolai Rapp

Arpi Agdere,
photographer with Armenian heritage, California, USA

Monica Zaghi,
writer, curator, Italy

Nunzio Paci,
visual artist, Italy.

Nicolai Rapp,
photographer, Germany