Grounded - for new perspectives

When the Corona virus Covid 19 force people to stay in quarantine and the world economy plunges, it’s easy to follow the feeling of a society being drawn into chaos. Still, outside our personal habitat, in quarantine or not, life in nature continue as before. The sun rises, the rain falls and the water in the stream continue to flow downhill towards the sea.

”Grounded” is an ARNA-project for 2 minute videos as an online artist in residency. In a time marked by the Corona virus ”Grounded” reconnect to Earth itself and describe the resilient flow of life and creativity through the lenses of artists around the globe.

To describe resilient creativity with inspiration from nature is both an act of support to those who fight against the virus and an act of defiance against any ideas of continuous closed borders.

The starting point of ”Grounded” is to be a connector to the ongoing shifts in nature through short videos from Skönadalsbäcken (Beautiful valley stream) in Harlösa, published on ARNA’s youtube channel. With this as a platform we invite artists from all parts of the globe to to share their reflections as short videos from ”home assigned residencies”.

Artists perspectives on the flow of creativity

In the hard time of Corona virus the aim for the ARNA-project Grounded is to share artists perspectives on how creativity always find new ways forward, like the water in a stream, as inspiration to fellow human beings.

How to take part
Create, or share, a 1 - 2 minute long video of yours on one of the following themes:

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The email adress to send the file to is

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In the message box write;

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ARNA has the right to choose participants and videos to publish on the youtube channel ”ARNA art and nature”.

”Grounded” is a zero-budget project. So ARNA don't charge anything nor pay anyone. This also means we need to do things that is simple for us, so use as we ask you to.

This is an adventure in crazy times and we have absolutely no idea of how this will develop. But we invite you to join us to inspire fellow human beings through your creativity!