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Here you find information about the little village of Harlösa, our region Skåne and Sweden

Travel to ARNA
ARNA is situated in the most southern part of Sweden, close to Copenhagen which is the capitol of Denmark. The Avian Kingdom is rural but it is easy to go to the 850 year old University city of Lund (35.000 students), the relaxed Malmö (300.000 inhabitants) and busy Copenhagen (2 milj.)

By plane
Kastrup airport Copenhagen
Take the train to the City of Lund in Sweden, 30 minutes. In Lund you take the bus all the way to Harlösa which takes 50 minutes. The whole trip from Kastrup to ARNA takes around 1,5-2 hours.

By train
Train to the city of Lund. Here you take the bus to Harlösa. Time of travel 50 minutes.

About the village ARNA is situated
Harlösa is a small village with 850 inhabitants. Many professional artists and musicians are living in the area, and the community is very positive to the development of ARNA's artist in residence. In the village there are among others, a grocery, a pizzeria and a public library. Busses to Lund is 10 times a day on weekdays and 4 times a day during weekends.
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Harlösas website (sorry only in Swedish...)

Almost half of the population in Harlösa are on facebook.

The Avian Kingdom
Harlösa is part of a very nature preserve rich area called "The Avian Kingdom", famous for its  birdlife. There is a vision for the area to be one of UNESCO's biosphere areas.

The Avian Kingdom is situated in the most southern part of Sweden, in the region called Skåne (Scania). The closest town to Harlösa is Lund, a history rich university town with 36.000 students.
Tourism in our region - Skåne

Sweden has 10 milj. inhabitants and is part of the European Union. Learn more about Sweden from our goverments site