About Sweden

Passports & Visa
If you are a citizen from outside European Union, you might need a Visa. Check it out here...

Phone, post, internet and other services
Telephone Country code is : 0046. Outgoing international code: 00 plus country code
number. Phonecards can be bought from shops, kiosks for making international calls.
They are many different types. Some are good for calling Africa and other developing
countries while others are very good only when you call a European line. Ask the sales
man to give you some details of what is good to use to where.

The Emergency Number for all services is 112.
This number is for the whole of Sweden.
The operator will connect you to the desired service 24 hours a day.

Mobile telephone:
GSM 2G and 3G networks are available. 4G in cities. Main network providers
include: Telia ,Telenor, Comviq, Tre, Tele2 and coverage is available across most of the

World clock and Sweden
Sweden Time: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last
Sunday in October). Check time in Sweden in worldtimeserver for current time in case you
are confused.

To know the value of your currency to the Swedish kronor, SEK, you can visit the Universal
Money converter. For foreign exchange isuues you can visit the nearest Forex agency (nearest exhange office in Lund, opposite the train stations main entrance) .
Using credit cards
Mastercards and Visa can be used almost everywhere. But Amercan Express can be refused in many shops, due to the costs for the shops to handle it.

Public transportation
Sweden has a very developed train and road transportation network. You can book your
tickets online if you want to take a trip to another town (www.sj.se). Nearest trainstation to ARNA is Lund.
For buses you need to buy your ticket in advance. The cheapest tickets is by buying a 'JoJo-card'. The cost for your bus trips will be withdrawn from the card and you fill it up at bus/trainstations with your creditcard (Visa or Mastercard or with cash).
Taxis in Sweden are amongst the most expensive in the world for about 100 to 350 kr for a few km.

Public Holidays in Sweden
Sweden respects almost all Christian public holidays and others. Most of the celebrations
and partying at homes is done on the eve of Xmas (24 th), New year etc these days usually
called '-afton'. Xmas eve(Julafton), Nyårsafton (New years eve), Midsomarafton etc.

Outdoor activities in Sweden
In Sweden we have 'The Right of Public Access', a unique institution that gives all people
access to roam the countryside. The rule 'Don't disturb – Don't destroy' is it's core.
Read more at:
More about the Avian Kingdom and it's nature

Weather in Skåne, the southern part of Sweden
Our winters is usually mild,  from Christmas until end of March the temperatures is hovering around zero ( + 5 C and - 10C) Snow and ice comes and goes and it is dusk almost all day. Summer temperatures are also quite mild, around +21. Everything is GREEN and even if we don't have the polar-24/7 of sunshine and daylight, the nights is not fully dark. Swede's love talking about the weather, it is the easiest way to start a conversation! 

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