2014 / Midsummer Music Lab

The heart of inspiration

With standing ovations the audience thanked Karen Sheridan, Erik Bogaerts and Lenaé A. Harris for the concert in the church of Harlösa, ending the theme residency of "Midsummer Music Lab".

"Works in Progress", created during the stay at ARNA were played, as Erik's solo for saxophone inspired by the dog "Chilly" and Lenae's suite "Ale's Mystique" for  alto saxophone, voice and cello.

At ARNA we work to create the very foundation that sparc new ideas. The impact of inspiration in our lives can't be expressed any way better than six year old Vera did through a drawing made "live" during the concert: Inspiration is when the heart become a balloon filled with joy.

Photo left: Karen Sheridan, Erik Bogaerts and Lenaé A. Harris. Photo right: The audience.
Drawing below made by six year old Vera during the premiere performance of "Ale's mystique by Lenae' A. Haris. To the left you can see Sharon wearing green earrings, singing into the microphone. From her, the music flows to the right and the notes forms in to hearts. Like balloons they float up in to the air.