2013 / Walking Peace

As part of the vision to be a venue where art, nature and people of all cultural background meets, ARNA created the combined art project and residency stay with the name ”Walking Peace”; a green, peaceful way of making new connections across cultural backgrounds and religions to create art as a statement for peace.

Walking Peace - part of a EU-project
The theme residency "Walking Peace" is created by ARNA as part of a rural development project run by Leader Lundaland called "Land & Environment". Leader is a project model within European Union, supporting entrepreneurship on the countryside, also within culture. Leader Lundaland's support for the theme residence of "Walking Peace" is also a support for ARNA's green vision to become an international and creative hub for new connections between art and nature. ARNA cooperate with the The Church of Sweden and the Pilgrim Way in Skåne and Blekinge.

Monique Besten, Sean Gardiner and Sara Nuytemans

Monique Besten, mixed media artist, the Netherlands and Germany
"I like to connect things. I believe in chance. Sometimes my favorite colour is blue. I think there is no life without poetry. I trust in words. As I do in footsteps. I like to be where it is now. And bring you there. Inbetween. Where maybe rules."

Moniques blog about Walking Peace http://www.walking-peace.blogspot.com

Sara Nuytemans, multimedia artist, Belgium and Indonesia
"Why are we here? What is our role as human beings" These fundamental  questions are part of Nuytemans's research. We live in a worl in which financial, technological, social or whatever kind of achievement is more important than the 'conservation' of nature. We are clearly missing out on something, somewhere - and, in my opinion, that something is the dimension of our inner self and consciousness."

Sean Gardiner, photographer, United Kingdom
"My work concerns quiet, nature, experience and memory."