2013 /  Paint and Print

ARNA's three leading words are;

Inspiration, as from the nature and from human's relationships towards nature.

Creativity, as the joy of learning, thinking and creating new things and ideas.

Sharing knowledge, as Margaret Fuller said "if you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it"

The theme residency of "Paint and Print" is created to point ARNA's three leading words and the residents are not only making artist presentations and Open Studio during their stay, they also holds workshops. Maria Fernanda from Bogota shared Colombian cooking, a dish called Bandeja-paisa. Birgit will have her this Sunday, called "BUTTON UP - message on your vesture", if you pass by Harlösa you are most welcome to take part in making buttons!

Residents during the Theme residence of "Paint and Print"

Birgit Petri, visual artist, Austria

María Fernanda Mora del Río, mix media artist, Colombia

Maria Fernanda Mora del Rio and Birgit Petri