Artist in residency

ARNA - Art and Nature
ARNA is a nonprofit organization. We support a sustainable development in the The Avian Kingdom with the vision that it one day will be the world's first UNESCO biosphere reserve to include the cultural dimension of sustainability. In the center of our work we place our artist in residence, where artists explore and express humans relationships towards nature. Each artist dedicate a couple of weeks of work, a time of exploring art and nature that give back to The Avian Kingdom a great variety of expressions, as through; photography, poetry, sculpture, music, animation, visual and mixed media arts.

A variety of calls for residency periods and projects
Each residency period, or project, has their own aim and financing. Sometimes ARNA offer periods for rent without any obligations from our side. For some residencies we can offer Accommodation Grants and in return we ask for a concert or other public engagements. Sometimes it is a project where the artists dedicate their time at ARNA to the aims of a project and in those cases we might be able to pay for the flights. So it is important to read the information for each call for applications.

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