The spaces between

Background to the art project
ARNA's vision is for The Avian Kingdom in Sweden to become the world's first UNESCO biosphere area with Culture as the fourth dimension of sustainability. As part of this long term goal ARNA will create projects that demonstrate culture's importance for a sustainable development. Our first project in this new line will be 'See, this is where I live, developed during 2016 and contains two residency periods, 'Home is where I am' and 'The spaces between'.

The main aim for the project is to let the participating artists work inspire children, living in connection to a future UNESCO biosphere area, to see their home area with open minds. The two residency projects will be developed in cooperation with two of The Avian Kingdom's municipalities and their work for youth culture. The two residency projects share a program directed to the public with Open Studios and Artist Talks. A small traveling exhibition describing the interaction between artists and children will end the project.

The main purpose with the cooperation together with the municipalities is to let the art making process inspire children to explore their home surroundings with new eyes and open minds. During the month of the residency of 'The spaces between' there will be included a couple of events (as type studio visit) for children together with an art educator.

The residency projekt 'The spaces between'
'The spaces between' explore the perception of a landscape. What is it we, as humans, choose to see, or see away from?

Key question: How can art give new perspectives on what's interesting or important in a landscape?
How to do it
The months before and during the residency project 'the spaces between', local children have been creating 'postcards' about their home area. Photos of these 'postcards' will be your starting point. Explore the The Avian Kingdom in your own personal way as an artist. Compare your impressions from the area with the childrens 'postcards'. What is it they describe in their postcards, or maybe not? What would YOU like to describe? Where are the spaces, phenomens, people or things you find interesting as an artist, 'the spaces between' that give new perspectives? During the residency stay you will be part in a couple of 'studio visits' where children together with an art pedagog can see how you work.